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The first time I married my ex husband had other sexual partners, and was trying to please and discover this wonderful new world of sex, I always said he did not openly discuss babies and good company. So my husband brought the magazines, the most erotic was in the course of time. Soon he was suggesting that we should try some things, so it seemed that everyone else why not. We moved, tried to play a small gianttube role, and then asked if I could fuck her ass. I was a little surprised when I was a little naive and not know it was a pleasure zone, how stupid of me, but I loved the beautiful 7 inch cock and was ready to try anything to me. get I have to admit that the first times I did a little hurt, but more patience and I was forced lubrication soon riding his cock throbbing from all that was worth my buttocks against his balls for maximum penetration. My ex was a military man and when we lived in Army quarters, which often had occasion to popHome for lunch and a gianttube ram for me. I really, as he waited in the hope that free sex games for hours of walking around the house in sexy lingerie fantasies just go over it and remove and take me back to work have survived. Sometimes there is so little time to literally go in, fuck me on all fours, my pussy, come lick me clean and let hime all in 15 minutes. It wouold make me so hot that it was drowning in a replay when I got home, if we take our time, and he fuck my pussy and ass one after another. then decided to introduce gianttube some more games. We were relaxing watching TV, when he with me about one of his friends, Mick and his wife, Angie, played out of suspicion began to speak. She denied the accusation, which put them on his knees, pulled her panties and lost his shoe, until he had an affair with a young squaddie he flattered, but not having sex with total was added, andonly gave him a blow job once the end of it. Then ass licking him clean, suck gianttube and use the belt and pain in the ass until I was well and truly violated. My husband asked me if I was with someone, and of couse I did, I was in love with him and his beautiful cock, but how could I prove it, gianttube he said. I was surprised at the accusation and suggestion that will allow me to prove my innocence. I was in my reaction of shock that could start to tingle my fel my ass and pussy juices flow. I was filled with anticipation, trembling, as I said, '. If you are going to prove my innocence, please spank my ass until you're satisfied I'm telling the truth,' My gianttube husband bright eyes, I kissed deeply and passionately, as I stood. Gradually he withdrew from me, a shirt, bra, skirt, my nipples with his tongue awake, as he patted my ass and pushed his finger gianttube into my pussy. None of us could believe how wet and turned to when I wasthe thought of my study of grief, as he called it. then told me to remove my panties, to stand on my stockings and suspenders at the corner facing the wall and wait. He left the room and was back gianttube in a moment. I could hear but not see what he was doing. Then he asked me if I was ready, I wanted to prove. I said yes and told me to turn around. He had removed his clothes and had the biggest erection I had ever seen. And juice was flowing from his button and I just wanted to suck and drink in. Then I noticed his shoes, a leather strap with a short handle and a stick they have in the old movies on the couch. This will prove his innocence in which he said, when the cane that I know when to stop telling the truth. I could feel my legs turn to jelly and my gianttube stomach was churning, looking at him on the couch, but was still very turned on and knew I wanted this new experience. put me on his knees, could feel his cock pressing against gianttube mand gianttube waist up, even in full, as he rubbed and caressed my ass pushing his finger in the ass until I woke up even more. ' I love you and show that you know what a good girl,' she said as she gently began to spank my bottom with his hand. I was surprised how warm and tingly and felt no pain as I expected. Began to increase the rate and severity of the crash, my quickend breathe, I return to my hand and squeezed his cock as I hit harder and prove to me that was a good wife asked me, I was loving it and about to arrive when it stopped. I kissed and caressed my ass for a few minutes to cool and then put me on his knees again. The leather sole shoe was beautiful the next. The warmth and tingling, shortness of breath and I built, but I did not ask him to stop and sound to hit the ass was beautiful. When I showed with the shoe, I was told to kneel on the stool and put my hands on the floorI. He took the leather belt and hit my ass, until he almost cried out in pain to tell me, as he hit the ball, such as redness, pain, and my ass was good and how much he loves me and I had proof that of love for me to win. Just when she thought she gianttube could not assume that he stopped and started kissing me, stroking ANSD. I trembled and cried out in pain, I have the ass is burning, but I loved it and he knew it. I was back in the corner and told me that for example, when I was ready for my final punishment with the cane. I was writing for a long time and I trying not to tremble, had never been physically punished as a child and trembling with fear thinking about it. Or breathe deeply and said : 'I'm ready, please cane me. ' He turned around and puts me in a chair with legs bent open so I could caress and my pussy dripping with juice. Then he began. We had no safe words, then, as everything was new, so he opened the cane rain on my tEnder ass strip to strip, until it screamed in pain and my knees buckled and I was on all fours on the ground and begged him to stop. I was almost hysterical when he struck again and wants to know if I was faithful. ' Yes,' I replied, 'I always would love your cock. ' He made more than three stripes knelt behind me on my ass and spread my cheeks forcing his cock in my ass and beat her. My body felt on fire as he squeezed my pussy while his cock forcing fingers into me his balls hit my ass, since both climax together. When I licked her ass and cock juices and smiled to myself knowing that this was the beginning of a beautiful new sexy side of our gianttube sex play. Give it a try, you never know, you can enjoy a hot throbbing ass.
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